Over the past 110 years, twenty-eight women have passionately and ably assumed the mantles of sisterhood, leadership and service as Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated's national (and later, international) president. Under their stewardship, the sorority has evolved from a sisterhood on the campus of Howard University to a global organization that is laser-focused on issues involving economics, education, social action, the environment, human rights, political activism, and equity.

 Nellie May Quander*

  • Term: 1913 – 1919
  • Administration/Program Focus: Incorporation and Expansion; Scholarship
  • A.B., Howard University
  • M.A. Columbia University
  • Certificate, School of Social Work, New York University; Certificate, Economics, University of Washington; Certificate, Economics, Uppsala University, Sweden
  • Public school teacher

 Loraine Richardson Green*

  • Term: 1919 – 1923
  • Administration/Program Focus: Vocational Guidance; Chapter Expansion, Organizational Brands (Ivy Leaf, Coat of Arms, Founders’ Day) and documents (charters and membership certificates)
  • Bachelor's Degree, University of Kansas (Lawrence)
  • Master's Degree, University of Chicago
  • Teacher; social worker; “professional volunteer”

 Lottie Pearl Mitchell*

  • Term: 1923 – 1925
  • Administration/Program Focus: Vocational Guidance; NAACP Life Memberships
  • B.A. Wilberforce University
  • Diploma, Oberlin Conservatory of Music
  • Music teacher; social worker; court probation officer; NAACP membership director

 Pauline Sims Puryear*

  • Term: 1925 – 1927
  • Administration/Program Focus: Vocational Guidance; Personal Chapter Visitations
  • A.B. & M.A. Howard University
  • YWCA executive director; race relations consultant; teaching evangelist

 Bobbie Beatrix Scott*

  • Term: 1927 – 1929
  • Administration/Program Focus: Vocational Guidance; Operating Procedures and Advocacy for National Headquarters; Foreign Fellowships
  • Phi Beta Kappa
  • B.S. Oberlin University
  • M.S. Howard University
  • High school and college chemistry teacher

 Maudelle Brown Bousfield*

  • Term: 1929 – 1931
  • Administration/Program Focus: Vocational Education; Member Reactivation
  • B.S. University of Illinois
  • M.A. University of Chicago
  • B.A. Mendelssohn Conservatory of Music
  • High school math teacher; public school administrator

 Maude Brown Porter*

  • Term: 1931 – 1933
  • Administration/Program Focus: Groundwork for Summer School for Rural Teachers
  • Educational Achievement; Individual and Chapter Scholarships
  • B.A. Howard University
  • M.A. Western Reserve University
  • High school Latin and English teacher; assistant principal

 Ida Louise Jackson, LHD*

  • Term: 1933 – 1936
  • Administration/Program Focus: Mississippi Health Project; Summer School for Rural Teachers; Chapter Evaluations
  • B.A. & M.A. University of California at Berkeley; LHD
  • High School teacher; Dean of Women

 Margaret Davis Bowen EdD, LLD*

  • Term: 1936 – 1939
  • Administration/Program Focus: Non-Partisan Council; Mississippi Health Project; Gamma House
  • B.S. & M.E. University of Cincinnati
  • Ed.D. & LLD
  • Teacher; secondary principal; university instructor; administration and supervision

 Dorothy Boulding Ferebee, MD*

  • Term: 1939 – 1941
  • Administration/Program Focus: Continued Mississippi Health Project and Non-Partisan Council; Sorority Structure and Alignment
  • B.S. Simmons College
  • M.D. Tufts University College of Medicine
  • Obstetrics instructor; medical director

 Beulah Tyrrell Whitby*

  • Term: 1941 – 1946
  • Administration/Program Focus: Sorority realignment during wartime; American Council on Human Rights Advocacy
  • BA.. Oberlin College
  • MSW, University of Michigan; New York School of Social Work
  • Social worker; community relations assistant director; university instructor, sociology and social work department chair

 Edna Over Gray Campbell*

  • Term: 1946 – 1949
  • Administration/Program Focus: Establishment of National Office/Endowment Fund
  • American Council on Human Rights (first president)
  • B.A. University of Kansas
  • M.A. New York University
  • High school social studies teacher; public school administration

 Laura T. Fife Lovelace*

  • Term: 1949 – 1953
  • Administration/Program Focus: Establishment of National Office/Human Rights
  • Foreign Fellowship
  • Bachelor's Degree, University of Cincinnati; Columbia University
  • Master's Degree, University of Cincinnati
  • Physical education teacher; public school administration

 Arnetta G. McKamey Wallace*

Term: 1953 – 1958
Administration/Program Focus: Sickle Cell Research; AKA National History; International Expansion
B.S. Knoxville College (Foreign Languages); B.A. Knoxville College (Music); Tennessee State University
Music teacher; church musician

 Marjorie Holloman Parker, PhD*

Term: 1958 – 1962
Administration/Program Focus: International Regional Conferences; Strategic Planning; Communications and Investments
B.S. Miner Teachers College
M.A. & Ph.D. University of Chicago
Student teacher director; history and philosophy of education professor; city council

 Julia Brogdon Purnell, LHD*

Term: 1962 – 1966
Administration/Program Focus: Job Corps; Political Advocacy; Undergraduate Leadership
B.A. Allen University
M.A. Atlanta University; University of Michigan; LHD
Education professor; reading specialist

 Larzette Golden Hale (Wilson), PhD*

Term: 1966 – 1970
Administration/Program Focus: Negro Heritage; Travel Tours; Organizational Efficiency
B.S. Langston University
M.A. & Ph.D, University of Wisconsin; CPA
Accounting and business administration professor; college development officer

 Mattelia Bennett Grays, EdD

Term: 1970 – 1974
Administration/Program Focus: “Personal Involvement Now (PIN)”; Economic Development; Program Kits; Black Heritage
BS, Dillard University
MA, University of Michigan
Elementary school teacher; consultant; principal; district superintendent

 Bernice Irene Sumlin, LHD*

Term: 1974 – 1978
Administration/Program Focus: National Reading Experience; United Negro College Fund; AKA Heritage; Black Heritage
B.S. Central State University
M.S. Miami University
LHD, Central State University
High school business teacher; guidance counselor; administrator; independent financial consultant

 Barbara Kinard Phillips, EdD*

Term: 1978 – 1982
Administration/Program Focus: “Influencing Decisions: A Design for Action”; Political Influence; Educational Advancement Foundation (EAF); Leadership Fellows; Corporate Office Relocation and Design; Reactivation
B.S. Winston-Salem State University
M.S. Indiana University
EdD, University of North Carolina – Greensboro
Teacher; counselor; principal; assistant superintendent

 Faye Beverly Bryant

Term: 1982 – 1986
Administration/Program Focus: “POWER" (programs of service; organizational impact; women involved in global concerns; economic development and renewal)
Program Delivery; Operational Manuals; African Villages; Women and Poverty; Voter Registration and Participation; Corporate Office Construction
B.A. Howard University
M.A. University of Houston
Teacher; counselor; magnet schools director; Enrichment Programs assistant superintendent

 Janet Jones Ballard*

Term: 1986 – 1990
Administration/Program Focus: “Global Perspective”; Global Poverty; Regioal Expansion; Historically Black Colleges and Universities; “International” Lexicon; Membership Intake
B.A. Virginia Union University
M.A. Virginia State University
Teacher; public assistance caseworker; Urban League executive director; Alumni Affairs director

 Mary Shy Scott, LHD*

Term: 1990 – 1994
Administration/Program Focus: “Creative Strategies”; Ivy AKAdemy; The Black Family; Health; Graduate Advisor Certification; Political Advocacy; Membership Process
BA. Spelman College
M.A. New York University
LHD, Miles College
Teacher; elementary school music specialist; educational consultant; motivational speaker

 Eva Lois Allmon Evans, PhD

Term: 1994 – 1998
Administration/Program Focus: “Making the Net Work”; Math and Science; AIDS and African-Americans; Governmental Affairs; Bone Marrow Registry
B.S. Eastern Michigan University
Master’s Degree, Wayne State University
PhD, Michigan State University
Teacher; assistant principal; elementary education director; assistant superintendent-personnel; Instruction deputy superintendent

 Norma Solomon White, LHD

Term: 1998 – 2002
Administration/Program Focus: “Blazing New Trails”; Middle School Educational Intervention; African Presence; Officer Training and Certification; Eradication of Poverty; Anti-Hazing Task Force; AKA Heritage
BS. Florida A&M University
M.A. Columbia University
LHD, Florida A&M University
Junior high school band director; music coordinator; assistant principal; magnet program coordinator; entrepreneur

 Linda Marie White*

Term: 2002 – 2006
Administration/Program Focus: “Spirit of AKA”; Ivy Reading AKAdemy, Young Authors; AKA Heritage; Risk Management Task Force
B.A. Clark College
M.A. University of Chicago
Social Security Administration area director

 Barbara Anne McKinzie, LHD**

Term: 2006 – 2010
Administration/Program Focus: “The Extraordinary Service Program: ESP (Economics, Sisterhood, Partnerships)”; Sorority Centennial; Economic Security; Chapter Evaluations; EAF; HBCUs; Membership Intake
B.S. East Central University
MBA Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management
LHD, Stillman College
C.P.A., Chief Financial Officer; auditor; comptroller; investment consultant

 Carolyn House Stewart, Esq.

Term: 2010 – 2014
Administration/Program Focus: “Global Leadership through Timeless Service”: Emerging Young Leaders; Health Initiatives including 1) Asthma Prevention and Management and 2) Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability; Global Poverty; Economic Security Initiative; Social Justice and Human Rights; Internal Leadership Training for External Service
B.A. University of South Florida
JD, University of South Carolina Law Center

* Indicates Deceased **No longer a member pursuant to action at the 67th Boule - July 2016