Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated®

International Region

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated®

International Region

Bella G. Clinkscale Parker, PhD*

1st International Regional Director

Sister Clinkscale Parker led the International Region from 1990-1994. She was initiated in 1966 at St. Augustine College in Raleigh, North Carolina. She went on to join graduate chapters in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Akron, Ohio where she held leadership positions and later became the 19th Great Lakes Regional Director. During the 54th Boule, the International Region became Alpha Kappa Alpha’s tenth region under 23rd International President Soror Mary Shy Scott. She appointed Sister Clinkscale Parker as the very First Legislative International Regional Director. Bella Clinkscale Parker became an Ivy Beyond the Wall in 2014.

Phyllis E. Robinson, PhD

2nd International Regional Director

Sister Robinson led the International Region from 1994-1998. She was initiated into Eta Iota Omega Chapter in Inkster, Michigan in 1976 and held multiple chapter and sorority roles. After serving as the 22nd Great Lakes Regional Director, she was appointed the Second International Regional Director under the 24th International President, Eva L. Evans. The International Region won numerous awards under Sister Robinson’s leadership, and she chartered the sorority’s first undergraduate chapters in the region in the U.S. Virgin Islands: Rho Xi in St. Croix and Rho Omicron in St. Thomas.


Wilma Holmes Tootle

3rd International Regional Director

Sister Holmes Tootle led the International Region from 1998-2002. She was initiated into Gamma Kappa Chapter at Tuskegee University in Alabama in 1968. Sister Holmes Tootle served as the 28th North Atlantic Regional Director, and was appointed as the Third International Regional Director by 25th International President, Norma Solomon White. Under Sister Holmes Tootle’s leadership, Phi Omicron Omega Chapter in Okinawa, Japan was chartered. Wilma Holmes Tootle also implemented the first AKA Day at the Capitol in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, and established and held Cluster Conferences in the Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Europe and Asia.

Nadine C. Bonds

4th International Regional Director

Sister Bonds led the International Region from 2002-2006. She was initiated into Epsilon Xi Chapter at Indiana State University in 1973. Sister Bonds served as the 25th Central Regional Director, and was appointed as the Fourth International Regional Director by 26th International President Linda M. White. Under Sister Bonds leadership, Psi Beta Omega in Tokyo, Japan was chartered. Sister Bonds presided over the chartering ceremony of Psi Delta Omega. The Leadership Seminar was held in Nassau, Bahamas in 2005 with more than 3,200 attendees.

Gloria Dickinson

5th International Regional Director

Sister Dickinson led the International Region from 2006-2008. She was initiated into Lambda Chapter in New York City in 1966. She served as International Regional Director during the Sorority’s Centennial celebration which coincided with the International Region’s 50th Golden anniversary. Prior to serving as International Regional Director, Sister Dickinson served as the International Secretary under the administration of 26th International President Linda M. White. During Sister Dickinson’s tenure Psi Delta Omega Chapter was chartered in Ontario, Canada and Eta Beta Omega Chapter in Monrovia, Liberia was reactivated. Sister Dickinson was a well-respected professor and considered an expert on African American history and issues impacting African women. Sister Dickinson became an Ivy Beyond the Wall in 2009.

Norma Jean Tucker

6th International Regional Director

Sister Tucker led the International Region from 2008-2010. She was initiated into Alpha Zeta Chapter at Langston University in Oklahoma. She held numerous roles within college administrations and went on to become the president of Merritt College in 1982. At the same time, she served as 16th Far Western Regional Director. Sister Tucker was appointed the Sixth International Regional Director in 2008. For more than 65 years, Sister Tucker was a faithful member of the sorority. She became an Ivy Beyond the Wall in 2019.

Evelyn Sample-Oates

7th International Regional Director

Sister Sample-Oates led the International Region from 2010-2014. She was initiated into Lambda Zeta Chapter at The American University in Washington, D.C. in 1984. Sister Sample-Oates served as the 31st North Atlantic Regional Director and was appointed as the Seventh International Regional Director by 28th International President Carolyn House Stewart. Sister Sample-Oates saw the chartering of  Tau Nu Chapter at the University of the Bahamas in Nassau and Psi Tau Omega Chapter in South Africa. Under Sister Sample-Oates leadership, the region grew to nearly 200 members and Cluster Conferences resumed in the region.

Gizette Canegata Thomas, Esq.

8th International Regional Director

Sister Thomas led the International Region from 2014-2018. She was initiated into Gamma Theta Chapter at Hampton University in Virginia in 1989. She was appointed as the Eighth International Regional Director by 29th International President Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson and was the first member of the International Region to serve in that role. Sister Thomas chartered the first chapter in the United Arab Emirates. Representatives of all graduate chapters in the International Region and representatives from all regions attended the chartering of Omega Theta Omega Chapter in Dubai. She also chartered the second Canadian chapter, Alpha Alpha Delta Omega in Toronto. In addition, from 2016-2018 International Region Educational Advancement Fund contributions totaled more than $30,000.

Joy Elaine Daley

9th International Regional Director

Sister Daley led the International Region from 2018-2022. She was initiated into Xi Xi Chapter at Lehman College in New York City in 1985. She served as the 30th North Atlantic Regional Director and was appointed the Ninth International Regional Director by 30th International President Glenda Glover. Sister Daley led the region during an unprecedented time during a global pandemic. She focused on chapter growth and development, divided the region into two clusters – Atlantic and Pacific and visited 84 percent of the chapters in the region. Sister Daley expanded the region with the chartering of Alpha Alpha Omega Omega in Lagos, Nigeria.