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Great Lakes Region

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated®

Great Lakes Region

You must be an active member in the Great Lakes Region to log into the members only section of this website. If you are outside the Great Lakes Region and would like to complete an online registration for a Great Lakes Region hosted event, you must submit a request to be temporarily added to the region’s Member Database using the Member Assistance Form.  
Visiting Members

You must be financial for the current year and in good standing. Please submit a request via the linked form: Member Assistance Form.

Steps to completing the Membership Assistance Form

  1. Contact Category: Select Event Registration Concerns
  2. E-mail Address: Enter your Corporate profile email address
  3. Financial Number: Enter your financial card number
  4. Full Name: Enter your name as listed in your Corporate profile
  5. Maiden Name: Enter your name as listed in your Corporate profile
  6. Street Address: Enter your street address as listed in your Corporate profile
  7. Event Type: Select Regional Events (Roundup, Cluster, Regional Conference)
  8. Request Sync to Different Region: Click the checkbox to register for the South Atlantic
  9. Event Region: Select Great Lakes Region
  10. Issue/Comment: Enter a comment for attending a regional event
  11. Click FINISH to submit the request. Please allow 1-2 business days for the request to be completed.

After 2 business days, please follow directions below.

For active members of the Great Lakes Region to log into the members only section please note the following:

  1. The Primary E-mail Address” required below must match the e-mail address on file in the Alpha Kappa Alpha Corporate office database to successfully login.
  2. The Password required below is your financial card number.  Leading zeroes may not be required for a successful login.  For example: if your financial card number is 0123, enter 123 as the password.

You should have your financial card number ready. Your email address must be the same used to access Members Only

Member Assistance form is located here:


If you cannot successfully login, please send an e-mail to

  1. You must provide the following information in your email​​
    1. Email address that is recorded in your profile on the national AKA website
    2. your financial card number.
  2. If you are not financially active and would like to reactivate, click here to get information on reactivating your membership.

To register for the event, access the region’s Events & News Page and click Register or Login here.