In 1924, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority’s leadership designated members of various local areas as “Organizers,” to further expand the Sorority beyond its, then, 32 chapters. During that same year the chapters were organized into regions formed according to geography and population density. Historically aligned with these distinguished Sorority events are the spectacular formation of the first chapter of the South Central Region. Phi Chapter located in Wiley, Texas on the campus of Wiley College was charted in November, 1924. Specifically, it was established with both graduate and undergraduate members and was the first chapter chartered west of the Mississippi River. Clara Dogan, a member of Phi Chapter during the late 1920’s was the first Regional Director, then known as Southern Deputy of the South Central Region.

The oldest graduate chapter of the “Sensational” South Central Region is Alpha Beta Omega in New Orleans, Louisiana. The chapter was chartered on July 23, 1927 and was the home chapter of the ninth International President, Margaret Davis. The ambitious and illustrious ladies of this chapter were pioneers who paved the way for future of the South Central Region.

As the number of graduate and undergraduate chapters grew in tandem with service and sisterliness in the region, the vision of the Founders was manifested. The excitement and accomplishments of its members escalated to notable status under the leadership of its umbrella organization. Consequently, the South Central Region has a significant position in the history books of Alpha Kappa Alpha with three former International Presidents hailing from the Region: Mattelia B. Grays, 18th International President, Faye B. Bryant, 21st International President, and Barbara McKinzie, 27th International President.

Focused on upholding the vision set by the sorority’s founders to cultivate and encourage high scholastic and ethical standards; promote unity and friendship among college women; to develop programs that help cultivate women and more importantly to be a service to all mankind, the Region hosted the first Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated International Convention in the Southwest and has served as host to a total of seven others. South Central is recognized for its breakthrough as a predominately African American group in the drive for equal accommodations in a Southern city as it hosted the first International Convention with a commitment of space in a major chain hotel. Another historic accent to the rich regional heritage is that it served as the geographical site for the first 75 year member celebration, Loraine R. Green, the 2nd International President.

Since the inception of the South Central Region members have worked faithfully to prepare a legacy for the future by blazing new trails and reaching new heights through the implementation of new programs that center on significant issues in families, communities, government halls and world assembly chambers. Accolades for such is credited to our former Regional Directors: Clara Dugan, Lois Davis Tyrus, M. Viola Butler Taylor, Olivetta Jones Morgan, Connie Y. Conner, Zephie C. Brooks, Olive Durden Brown, Eugene B. Long, Odalie S. McDonald, V. Besselle Atwell, Mattelia B. Grays, Faye B. Bryant, Mary L. Williams, Deralyn Riles Davis, Dorothy S. Johnson, Mamie L. McKnight, Jewel M. Thomas, Jacqueline Dansby, Carmelita C. Smith, Polly Sparks Turner, Shirley R. Fisher, Tari T. Bradford, Gwendolyn J. Brinkley, and Chelle L. Wilson.

The South Central Region is proud to be the 3rd largest region out of the ten regions of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. The region is composed of more than 6,000 service orientated members with more than 100 undergraduate and graduate chapters located in the four-state region of Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico and Texas.

Simply put, South Central continues to make a difference by providing Launching New Dimensions of Service.