Regional Initiatives

PROMOTE collaborative regional partnerships with individuals and companies that will allow for long-term strategic planning relative to our region and promote regional recognition globally.

IMPLEMENT accountability based reporting of the South Central Regional Budget by providing and distributing detailed financial reports that provide an accurate picture of revenue and disbursements.

MAINTAIN diversity and inclusiveness in leadership. We are blessed to be an organization of leaders and your regional leadership team will represent that diversity...including Golden Members, Silver Members, General Members, and Undergraduates.

PROVIDE technological enhancements that continue to build upon our web based leadership development, including a year round app hat will continuously provide updates on international and Regional activities.

IMPROVE and enhance communications including a physical office location with staff, web based conference calls and meetings and improved email and text message notifications, including social media updates.

FORMALIZE mentorship and leadership programs across the region that will assist and prepare both our Undergraduate and Graduate members for leadership, not just in their chapters, but beyond.

ESTABLISH a General member task force that works to ensure that our General members are in the "loop" regarding important decisions and updates within the region, including appointing a General Member Liaison.

MAINTAIN programs for our Undergraduates that not only promote collaboration and partnership with campus, community and local partners, bur also fosters personal development, leadership and life-long membership including transitioning into Graduate chapters.