International Appointments

Chairman/Co-Chairman/Committee Members

Sonya Garcia

Archives Committee Chairman

Lucretia Payton-Stewart

Leadership Development Committee Chairman

Ora Douglass

Program Committee Chairman

Kimberly Esmond Adams

Risk Management Committee Chairman

Joyce Gillchrist

Graduate Advisor Certification Committee, Co-Chairman

Dr. Darice E. Richard

EAF Regional Coordinators Committee

Alysse Guerrier

Building and Property Chairman

Cleola Michelle Pringle

Chapter Basileus Certification Committee

Kimberly Loadholt Poole

Chapter History Book Project Committee

Laurise A. Thomas

Conference Planning Committee

Frederica S. Wilson

Congressional Women's Roundtable

Sylvia Sloane-Jones

Connection Committee

L'Trya Williams (UG)

Connection Committee

Paula Booker Baker

Archives Committee

Joy Jackson-Guilford

Constitution Committee

Nicole M. Adams

Corporate Strategic Partners Committee, Co-Chairman

Sarah R. Simmons

Corporate Strategic Partners Committee

Sharon Brown Harriott

Diamond/Golden/Silver Star Sorors Committee

Renée Forbes Williams

Diaster Relief Committee

Karen Harris Hawkins

Finance Committee

Angela M. Friall

Financial Officers' Certification

Shayla Johnson Mount

Financial Officers' Certification

Betty Stuckey

Foundation Committee

GeorShawn Marshall

Graduate/Undergraduate Task Force Committee

Grace Johnson (UG)

Graduate/Undergraduate Task Force Committee

Dawn Beatrice Griffin

HBCU Task Force Committee

Rashan Ali Smith

Honorary Members/Awards Committee

Emily J. Gourdine

Human Resources Committee

Wanda Patterson

International Day of Prayer Committee

Sonja Brown

International Day of Prayer Committee

Angela Onianwa

Investigations Committee (Resource)

Willetta Richie

Investigations Committee

Charletta Wilson Jacks

Investigations Committee

Tiffany Moore Russell

Leadership Development Committee

Billette Owens Ashford

Leadership Development Committee

Stacy Grooms

Leadership Fellows Comittee

Janice E. McCollom

Membership Committee

Kaylen Long

Membership Committee (Resource)

Doretha Hibler Glymph

Membership Intake Process Committee

Deborah Varnadore-Simmons

Membership Intake Process Committee

Dianne Williams-Cox

Nominating Committee

Andria S. Daniels

Program Committee

Jackie Zeigler

Protocol Committee

Franka H. Young

Public Relations and Communication Committee

Gussie Lofton-Broadway

Reinstatement Task Force Committee

Kimberly Esmond Adams

Risk Management Task Force Committee, Chairman

Kim Bunch Boyd

Risk Management Task Force Committee

Andrea Robinson

Rituals Committee

Irene W. McCollom

Sanctions, Findings, Recommendations and Review Committee

Deborah King Barnes

Sisterly Relations Committee

Tremelle I. Howard

Special Projects Committee

Cynthia L. Hale

Spiritual Oversight Committee, Co-Chairman

Lottie L. Otto

Spiritual Oversight Committee

Panayotta Augustin-Birch

Standards Committee

Freddie Groomes-McLendon

Strategic Planning Committee

Alysse Guerrier

Undergraduate Activities Committee