Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated supports the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine and booster in the ongoing fight against the coronavirus during this global health pandemic. Based on the available scientific data and in consultation with medical professionals and scientists, the COVID-19 Pandemic Task Force and the members of the Directorate recognize, and the science overwhelming supports, that vaccination sharply decreases the risk of serious illness or death resulting from the coronavirus, particularly in vulnerable populations where there is an increased likelihood of other serious health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and hypertension among other disorders, and saves lives. The Sorority further acknowledges, based on the scientific data, that vaccination also provides protection against COVID-19 by significantly reducing the number of hospitalizations thereby relieving some of the strain on an overstretched hospital system. Therefore, in an effort to do our part as a responsible community partner, Alpha Kappa Alpha’s policy requires that all sorority members, program partners, sponsors and members of the public participating in Alpha Kappa Alpha programs, activities or events in person must be fully vaccinated. We also strongly encourage our members, family and friends to take the booster shot for additional protection which is further supported by scientific data. We thank you for your adherence to this policy and for your commitment to your own health and safety and for the health and safety of others.


    Full vaccination required: No exceptions. Please note that sorors must be fully vaccinated to participate in sorority meetings, activities and events that are held in person. There are no exceptions or exemptions. Proof of vaccination is required. Chapters must develop and implement protocols to verify vaccination status for all in-person events. Please be mindful that all in-person activities and events also must follow the Risk Mitigation Plan and follow CDC guidelines, including social distancing, in addition to state and local regulations.


    The Modified Membership Intake Process will remain in effect. A Roadmap Supplemental Toolkit for the 2021 Modified Membership Intake Process will be included in the Fall 2021 Mailing and has been made available to Chapter Basilei, Graduate Advisors and Membership Chairmen. Additional information regarding MIP will be announced in the new year.

    Full vaccination required: No exceptions. Please note that sorors and candidates must be fully vaccinated to participate in the Membership Intake Process. There are no exceptions.

    Home tests not acceptable. Please also note that home tests are currently not acceptable to prove your negative COVID status.


    Safety Protocol and Procedures required. Chapters also are required to have COVID-19 safety protocols and procedures for ALL in-person meetings, activities and events, not just MIP.

    Risk Mitigation Plan and Checklist must be followed. Chapters should develop a Risk Mitigation Plan for each in-person meeting, event or activity. Click here to access the Risk Mitigation Plan and Checklist Guidance to assist your chapter with in-person events.

    COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire & Waiver must be completed. A COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire & Waiver must be completed for each participant and each activity or event. The document also must be retained on file for a period of five (5) years. You may access the COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire & Waiver here.

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