Visiting Members of the Sorority - how to attend another region's conference

Dear Sorors,

Effective immediately, if you are planning to attend a conference in another region, please submit a request to be temporarily added to that region’s Member Database using the Member Assistance Form. Member Assistance form is located here:

Once you access the form, please follow directions below:

  1. From Dropdown Box, CONTACT CATEGORY: Select Event Registration Concerns
  2. From Dropdown Box, EVENT TYPE: Select Regional Events (Roundup, Cluster, Regional Conferences)
  3. From Dropdown Box, EVENT REGION: Select Region (that is hosting the event you wish to attend)
  4. Click on the FINISH button to submit your request.
  5. Please allow at least 2 business days for the database change to occur.

To register for the event, access the region’s website- Events-Registration Website and Register yourself.

You must be financial for the current year and in good standing.

You should have your Financial number ready; your email address must be the same used to access

Members Only

If you have questions or concerns please contact: