Notable NAR

The Notable North Atlantic Region of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. covers the following states:

Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Eastern New York, Eastern Pennsylvania, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont.


Arla J. Bentley, Xi Sigma Omega


Corinne Moody, Omega Eta Omega

Cluster I Coordinator

Graduate Chapters

Undergraduate Chapters

Epsilon Omega
Xi Omega
Delta Pi Omega
Iota Gamma Omega
Iota Lambda Omega
Nu Zeta Omega
Omicron Gamma Omega
Rho Mu Omega
Rho Xi Omega
Theta Omega Omega
Upsilon Epsilon Omega
Upsilon Tau Omega
Xi Sigma Omega
Xi Zeta Omega
Chi Theta Omega

Psi Epsilon Omega

Psi Phi Omega

Omega Eta Omega

Omega Pi Omega

Alpha Alpha Lambda Omega



Alpha Delta
Beta Lambda
Epsilon Kappa
Lambda Beta

Lambda Phi
Lambda Zeta
Lambda Epsilon
Mu Delta
Omicron Pi
Theta Nu
Xi Tau

Tau Theta
Upsilon Gamma


Gia James, Omega Zeta Omega

Cluster II Coordinator

Graduate Chapters

Undergraduate Chapters

Zeta Omega
Omega Omega

Delta Sigma Omega
Epsilon Iota Omega
Epsilon Sigma Omega
Iota Tau Omega
Kappa Theta Omega
Xi Delta Omega
Rho Theta Omega
Sigma Zeta Omega
Tau Delta Omega
Phi Beta Omega
Omega Zeta Omega

Omega Mu Omega

Alpha Omicron
Delta Gamma
Delta Iota
Delta Lambda
Delta Mu
Epsilon Nu
Gamma Epsilon
Lambda Gamma

Mu Chi
Pi Epsilon
Sigma Lambda
Theta Iota
Tau Alpha

Tau Xi

Tau Omicron


Nikki Tillman Lofton, Pi Kappa Omega

Cluster III Coordinator

Graduate Chapters

Undergraduate Chapters

Tau Omega
Delta Mu Omega
Delta Rho Omega
Epsilon Pi Omega
Eta Omega Omega
Iota Alpha Omega
Pi Iota Omega
Pi Kappa Omega
Pi Phi Omega
Pi Pi Omega
Pi Psi Omega
Sigma Psi Omega
Tau Nu Omega
Theta Iota Omega
Xi Chi Omega
Zeta Nu Omega
Psi Lambda Omega


Alpha Mu
Kappa Delta
Kappa Epsilon
Kappa Phi
Nu Mu
Nu Psi

Omicron Eta
Omicron Theta
Omicron Upsilon

Pi Kappa

Rho Theta

Xi Mu

Xi Xi


Shelley Worrell, Iota Epsilon Omega

Cluster IV Coordinator

Graduate Chapters

Undergraduate Chapters

Beta Alpha Omega
Epsilon Upsilon Omega
Iota Epsilon Omega
Lambda Omega Omega
Nu Xi Omega
Omicron Xi Omega
Phi Eta Omega
Pi Mu Omega
Pi Theta Omega
Pi Xi Omega
Rho Gamma Omega
Rho Kappa Omega
Theta Kappa Omega
Theta Phi Omega
Theta Pi Omega
Upsilon Delta Omega

Omega Psi Omega

Gamma Zeta
Iota Psi
Lambda Rho
Nu Eta
Nu Kappa
Omicron Nu

Pi Chi
Pi Iota
Rho Gamma

Rho Phi
Rho Upsilon
Zeta Sigma

Tau Eta
Tau Sigma

Upsilon Theta


Erika Henley, Tau Xi Omega

Cluster V Coordinator

Graduate Chapters

Undergraduate Chapters

Psi Omega

Epsilon Omicron Omega
Omicron Upsilon Omega

Psi Iota Omega
Rho Epsilon Omega
Tau Xi Omega
Theta Epsilon Omega
Theta Psi Omega
Theta Tau Omega
Xi Xi Omega

Beta Iota

Iota Alpha
Iota Gamma
Lambda Tau
Lambda Upsilon
Pi Theta
Rho Kappa
Xi Lambda
Xi Nu
Xi Omicron

Upsilon Iota