Celebrating The Stories of Our Breast Cancer Survivors

October 9, 2019

The fight against breast cancer is a serious matter.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. October 7th is Breast Cancer Awareness Day and October 16th is Mammogram Awareness Day. Alpha Kappa Alpha under Target II – Women’s Healthcare and Wellness continues to make an Impact in the fight against Breast Cancer thorough our efforts in early detection.

In 2019, we celebrate the lives of our survivors by hearing their stories.

Cheeneah Armstrong
Epsilon Omicron Omega Chapter

See Cheeneah Armstrong's Video

Vatesha Bouler
Upsilon Epsilon Omega Chapter

See Vatesha Bouler's Video

Yasmin Coleman
Epsilon Sigma Omega Chapter

See Yasmin Coleman's Video

Sherry Hopkins
Omega Omega Chapter

See Sherry Hopkins's Video

Jacqueline Randolph
Tau Xi Omega Chapter

See Jacqueline Randolph's Video

Melanie Turner
Omicron Upsilon Omega Chapter

See Melanie Turner's Video

Lorina Marshall Blake
Omega Omega Chapter

See Lorina Blake's Video

Cheryl Buffalo
Omega Psi Omega Chapter

See Cheryl Buffalo's Video

Johncie Lancaster, Golden Soror
Xi Omega

See Johncie Lancaster's Video

Kim Palmore
Rho Xi Omega

See Kim Palmore's Video

Jean-Louise Taylor
Xi Omega

See Jean-Louise Taylor's Video

Althea Pollard
Tau Omega

See Althea Pollard's Video

Nicole Bailey
Sigma Psi Omega

See Nicole Bailey's Video

Carol Robinson
Epsilon Omega

See Carol Robinson's Video

Kamala Green
Rho Xi Omega

See Kamala Green's Video

Stephanie Ahmed
Epsilon Omega

See Stephanie Ahmed's Video

Rosetta Coates
Upsilon Epsilon Omega

See Rosetta Coates's Video

Darrilyn Vassar-Jackson
Xi Sigma Omega

See Darrilyn Vassar-Jackson's Video

Shari Campbell
Xi Sigma Omega

See Shari Campbell's Video

Jaydeane Corum
Pi Kappa Omega

See Jaydeane Corum's Video

Lisa Braxton-Reid
Psi Omega

See Lisa Braxton-Reid's Video

Roberta Haines
Xi Sigma Omega

See Roberta Haines's Video

Mary McLean
Xi Sigma Omega

See Mary McLean's Video