Frontline Sheroes: Soror Nia Andrews

Soror Nia M Andrews, RN, BSN
Rho Theta Omega
Staff Nurse, Emergency Room
Camden, New Jersey

“Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute.” We are providing care and using our medical and nursing expertise along with our crucial critical thinking skills. Our entire hospital is now caring for COVID-19 positive patients all of them alone — some with no one to contact. Those not tested are assumed to be positive. Black and brown people are the sickest.

Auditoriums have become emergency rooms; emergency rooms have become critical care units and routine medical care floors have become intensive care units (ICU). Personal protective equipment (PPE) is now reusable. I have one N95 to reuse for who knows how long. Surgical masks are used to cover the N95 mask and then thrown way. Personalized face shields are cleaned for your next shift. This is now the standard for PPE.

Fear and anxiety are the order of the day, the hour, the minute. Through it all, we are banding together as we care for patients and ourselves. Each one of us is making sure we are staying safe and protecting our families who are hopefully staying at home praying for our safe return.

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