Phi Chi Omega Supports Target 2: Women’s Health and Wellness

December 19, 2018

On Saturday, November 17, 2018, Phi Chi Omega in support of Target 2: Women’s Health and Wellness, delivered 25 grocery bags filled with fresh and healthy produce to senior citizens and other targeted residents in Surry County under a Healthy Produce Bag Initiative. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated® Program Target 2 timely addresses the need in Surry county due to community concerns regarding health and quality lifestyles, inaccessibility to healthy food and produce and diet-related illnesses as reported in a community needs assessment. [Surry is considered a food desert, which means fresh and affordable produce and groceries are not easily accessible due to the lack of a grocery store].

The sisters of Phi Chi Omega received donations and volunteered a wholesome collection of fruits and leafy greens and other vegetables to include collards, kale, sweet potatoes, onions, white potatoes, lettuce, salad mix, cabbage, oranges, and apples. The message to the targeted recipients was one that promoted the importance of good nutrition and healthy eating habits for healthier living.

The value and amount of the produce collected was approximately $15 for each bag for a total of $375. This amount exceeded our expectations; the expression of thanks and gratitude from the senior community was priceless. Just in time for Thanksgiving, the project was a great display of community impact; taking care of those who benefit most from the services we provide.

* This message above was attached to each produce bag.