Sync Process for Conferences

September 2, 2019

Effective immediately, if you are planning to attend a conference in another region, please submit a request to be temporarily added to that region’s Member Database using the Member Assistance Form. Once you access the form, please follow the directions below:

From Dropdown Box, CONTACT CATEGORY: Select Event Registration Concerns

  • From Dropdown Box, EVENT TYPE: Select Regional Events (Roundup, Cluster, Regional Conferences)
  • From Dropdown Box, EVENT REGION: Select Region (that is hosting the event you wish to attend)
  • Click on the FINISH button to submit your request.
  • Please allow 1 -2 Business Days for the database change to occur.

To register for the event, access the region’s website- Events-Registration Website and Register yourself

You must be financial for the current year, should have your Financial number ready AND your email address must be the same used to access

Members Only

If you have questions or concerns please contact:

Member Assistance form is located here: