21th - 25th Regional Directors

Loann Julia Honesty King

21st Central Regional Director


Initiation Chapter: Beta

On her election as the 21st Central Regional Director, Loann Julia Honesty King, pledged to execute the responsibilities and duties of the office with tenacity, loyalty, dedication and sisterly love. She fulfilled her pledge and brought a rejuvenated vision, a deeper understanding of the sorority's organizational structure, and an exciting innovative and creative style to the region. Loann King promoted equity, fairness and sisterly cooperation by using skills, talents, and expertise of the membership. She introduced the Chapter Roll Call and titled the Regional Director's Report as the "State of the Region Report." Chapters were kept informed via 30 issues of the Central Times and instructed in correct chapter operations and procedures at 20 Area Retreats. She has authored three edtions of "The History of Central Region - Pledged to Remember."

Yvonne Perkins

22nd Central Regional Director


Initiation Chapter: Kappa

During the administration of Yvonne Perkins, three chapters were chartered —Pi Lambda, Pi Nu, and Tau Gamma Omega Chapters. She established the Regional Basileus of the Year Award for each undergraduate and graduate chapter, published the Central Region Directory and established a regional fund to provide matching funds for undergraduate chapters as they submitted the chapter Corporate Office Improvement Project (COIP) Assessment.

Martha Perine Beard

23rd Central Regional Director


Initiation Chapter: Alpha Pi

During Martha Perine Beard's tenure her committment to ensure that Central Region was "second to none" was evident as the region carried out the national program theme, "Building the Future: Making the Net Work." She kept communications open by disseminating information to the region through her newsletter, chapter visits and 22 area retreats. In addition, her leadership brought to the region a renewed sisterliness. Her first Central Regional Conference was convened in her hometown, St. Louis, Missouri in April 1995. During that same month, she chartered Rho Lambda Chapter at Indiana Institute of Technology. In 1997, she chartered Upsilon Mu Omega Chapter, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Each of her three regional conferences — 61st in St. Louis, Missouri, 62nd in Louisville, Kentucky, and the 63rd in Chicago, Illinois — were informative, entertaining, and allowed for engagement in sisterly fellowship.

Peggy Lewis Lecompte

24th Central Regional Director


Initiation Chapter: Alpha Iota

Peggy Jean Lewis LeCompte was called upon to serve as the 24th Central Regional Director to complete the unexpired second term of Martha Perine Beard who due to career advancement was relocated to Memphis, Tennessee.

Peggy Lecompte graciously and effectively accepted the torch and her incomparable leadership was demonstrated as she planned and executed the 64th Central Regional Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Nadine Celeste Bonds

25th Central Regional Director


Initiation Chapter: Epsilon Xi

Nadine C. Bonds was elected the 25th Central Regional Director during the 1998 Central Regional Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana where she served as the General Conference Chairman. Her reelection for a second term in 2000 put her at the helm as Central Region entered a new century. During her tenure, she presided over the 65th, 66th, 67th and 68th Central Region Conferences, visited all chapters of the Central region published 41 issues of the Trailblazers newsletter and participated in all Directorate meetings/conference calls. The Nadine C. Bonds EAF Endowment Fund was capitalized during her tenure.