1st - 10th Regional Directors

Pauline Kigh Reed

Central and Western Organizer

1919 - 1922

Initiation Chapter: Zeta

Pauline Kigh Reed was the first Central and Western Organizer. The geographical sections under her supervision included Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri and Minnesota.

Fredericka Brown

2nd Central Organizer


Initiation Chapter: Kappa

Fredericka Brown was elected as Central Organizer during a time of expansion. Her duties included identifying cities where both undergraduate and graduate chapters could flourish. Her charge per the sixth Boule, was to formally establish the separation of undergraduate and graduate chapters in a city where there were five or more graduates and five or more undergraduates.

Carolynne Payne

3rd Central Regional Director


Initiation Chapter: Zeta

Carolynne Payne's tenure continued to see and embrace change in the sorority. During her term, Gamma House talks would begin. In addition, the sorority, reorganized and adopted the designation of Regional Director and defined their roles as per the Boule.

Murray B. Atkins

4th Central Regional Director


Initiation Chapter: Kappa

Murray B. Adkins was the first to be elected with the title of Regional Director.

Althea M. Simmons

5th Central Regional Director


Initiation Chapter: Gamma Omega

Althea Merchant Simmons was elected Central Regional Director in December 1927 and served until 1930.

Blanche Hayes Clark

6th Central Regional Director


Initiation Chapter: Gamma Omega

Blanche Hayes Clark served as Central Regional Director from 1930 until 1936. Under her leadership, the first Central Regional Conference was held, May 23-24, 1931 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Alice E. McGhee Smart

7th Central Regional Director


Initiation Chapter: Gamma

During her first year in office as Central Regional Director, Alice E. McGhee Smart visited all of the chapters located within the region except Alpha Mu Omega and Kappa Chapters. She initiated the first Central Region Awards to stimulate and encourage civic and community interests and scholarship among undergraduates.

Arlene J. Washington

8th Central Regional Director


Initiation Chapter:

Arlene Jackson Washington was elected Central Regional Director at the 20th Boule in New Orleans, Louisiana. During her term, the deed to Gamma House was transferred to the national body.

Blanche L. Patterson Williams

9th Central Regional Director


Initiation Chapter: Gamma Omega

Blanche L. Patterson was elected Central Regional Director at the 23rd Boule in Kansas City, Kansas. The conditions of World War II caused the cancellation of the 24th Boule in 1942. As a result, Blanche L. Patterson served as Central Regional Director until 1943. She also presided over three Regional Conferences which had themes that addressed defense issues emanating from the War.

Maenell Hamlin Newsome

10th Central Regional Director


Initiation Chapter: Alpha Mu Omega

Maenell Hamlin Newsome was appointed by the Directorate in 1943.Under her term, all chapters observed Founders' Day and Negro History Week. During her time in office she stressed the following:

  1. Improvement of scholarship (grades) on college campuses.
  2. Improvement of sisterly relations everywhere.
  3. Better program planning in graduate chapters and consideration of having auxiliary groups in graduate chapters.
  4. Greater assistance of retiring officers for newly elected officers.
  5. Realization of Graduate Advisors of their authority and responsibility for their undergraduate chapters business, social activities and procedures.
  6. More publicity of chapter activities and the achievement of chapters and individuals.