11th - 15th Regional Directors

Lucille Wilkins

11th Central Regional Director


Initiation Chapter: Beta

Lucille Wilkins brought to her administration a commitment to the National Programs of the sorority. The Central Regional Conferences under her leaderhship, emphasized the
National Non-Partisan Council on Public Affairs, the American Council on Human Rights, the sorority's endowment fund, health, and Gamma House.

Evelyn Roberts

12th Central Regional Director


Initiation Chapter: Beta Delta

Evelyn Roberts was elected to the position in December 1950 and served until December 1954. It was during the early fifties that the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, North and South Dakota and the City of St. Louis would be designated as Central Region.

Maude L. Mann

13th Central Regional Director


Initiation Chapter: Beta

Maude Lillian Mann served admirably as Central Regional Director from December 1954-August 1958. Her interest in youth and health were carried into her administration. She presided over the 22nd, 23rd and 24th Central Regional Conferences. During her tenure as Central Regional Director, there were no chapters chartered. The state of Kentucky joined the ranks of Central Region.

Annetta M. Lawson

14th Central Regional Director


Initiation Chapter: Alpha

Annetta Molten Lawson was elected Central Regional Director at the 50th Boule. Her administration was guided by the National Program theme, "Assessing the Strength of Alpha Kappa Alpha for Future Investment for Service".

With her warm smile and pleasant personality, she presided over the 25th, 26th, 27th, and 28th Central Regional Conferences. She chartered Delta Omicron, Eta Kappa Omega, and Eta Mu Omega Chapters.

Lee Anna W. Shelburne

15th Central Regional Director


Initiation Chapter: Beta Epsilon Omega

Lee Anna Shelburne was elected Central Regional Director at the 1962 Boule in Detroit, Michigan and served for three and a half years. She initiated the Regional Director's monthly newsletter, developed the Regional Nominating Committee and orchestrated chapters celebrating Joint Founders' Day.