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From its founding, in 1908, through 1921, Alpha Kappa Alpha established new chapters primarily in the Northeast and Midwest areas of the U.S. The Sorority’s national president, secretary and treasurer worked with local members, designated as “Organizers,” to further expand.

By 1923, the Sorority had built an organization of 32 chapters and had expanded into the Southeastern area of the U.S. For efficient administration, these chapters were organized into regions in 1924, formed according to geography and population density.

As the number of chapters grew, so did the number of regions. Today, there are 10 Regions, including the International Region for chapters located outside the contiguous United States.

Each Region is headed by an officer designated as Regional Director. These directors are full members of the Sorority’s board of directors and serve the entire organization. They are vital to the interpretation and implementation of national policies and programs.

Often, the regional directorship is the path to national leadership. Eighteen of the 27 Alpha Kappa Alpha international presidents have served as Regional Directors. One, Maude Brown Porter, served twice—once before and after her term as international president.

Usually, the Regions are listed beginning with North Atlantic, the site of the Sorority’s founding, and from north to south and east to west across the country. The number of Regions and their boundaries are determined by the Boule—the Sorority’s policy-making body.


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