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Mid-Western Region

Established: 1924
First Regional Director: Blanche L. Patterson
First Regional Conference: 1925, Kansas City, MO

Geography Today
Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma

First Undergraduate Chapter Chartered
Delta (University of Kansas in Lawrence); 1915

First Graduate Chapter Chartered
Beta Omega (Kansas City, MO); 1920

Undergraduate & Graduate Chapters Today
Undergraduate – 28
Graduate – 25

1925 AKA St. Louis

Region Highlights

  • Host to 5th Boule
  • Birthplace of 4 International Presidents and 2 Organizers: Loraine R. Green, 2nd Supreme Basileus; Edna Over Campbell, 12th Supreme Basileus; Laura Lovelace, 13th Supreme Basileus; Larzette G. Hale, 17th Supreme Basileus; Grace M. Hill, Eastern Organizer; Blanche Lynn Patterson, Western Organizer
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority pin was adopted at the 1922 Boule (Kansas City, MO)
  • Home of:
    • Founder Beulah Burke – 2nd Supreme Anti-Basileus on second Directorate
    • Founder Ethel Hedgeman Lyle – first African American female certified to teach in Oklahoma
    • Ada Lois Sipuel Fisher – first African American female to attend the University of Oklahoma Law School, after representation by Atty. Thurgood Marshall in a landmark Supreme Court decision ordering her admission to the University
    • Nancy Davis – first African American female to receive a graduate degree from Oklahoma State University. A dormitory on that campus is named in her honor.
    • Vicki Miles-LaGrange – first African American female elected to the Oklahoma State Senate; first African American presidential appointment as U.S. Attorney and as a federal judge in the six states of the 10th Circuit

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Regional Directors

Blanche L. Patterson
Maida P. McCullough
Judith Syms
Mary E. Branch
Theresa Barker
Helen Finley
Rosetta Nolan
Manilaa Darden Hickman
Gwendolyn B. Jones
Robbie T. Davis
Gladys Bowles
Marguerite Foshee
Esther Payne
Zelma Bell
Dorothy King Tucker
Carolyn A. Banner
Dorothy M. Parker
Delorise A. Gines
Wanda F. Johnson
Margie Barre
Wesslyne Simpson
Nettie Fisher
Alberta Jones
Brenda Lewis
Betty Davis-Gause
Vicki Miles-LaGrange


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