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Mid-Atlantic Region

Established: 1953 (states that now make up the Mid-Atlantic Region were initially part of the South Atlantic Region. At the 1953 Boule, the Mid-Atlantic Region was created from realignment.)
First Regional Director: Rose Butler Brown
First Regional Conference: April 1954, Newport News, VA

Geography at Creation
North Carolina, Virginia

Geography Today
North Carolina, Virginia

First Undergraduate Chapter Chartered
Delta Theta (Elizabeth City State University); February 20, 1954
Alpha Epsilon (Virginia State University) is the Region’s oldest undergraduate chapter; chartered May 15, 1926 in the South Atlantic Region

First Graduate Chapter Chartered
Zeta Epsilon Omega (Franklin-Smithfield, VA); February 14, 1954
Delta Omega (VA; formerly Nu Graduate) is the Region’s oldest graduate chapter; chartered February 6, 1921 in the South Atlantic Region

Undergraduate & Graduate Chapters at Creation
Undergraduate Chapters – 10
Graduate Chapters – 20

Undergraduate & Graduate Chapters Today
Undergraduate Chapters – 43
Graduate Chapters – 75

Region Highlights

  • Host to 54th Boule
  • Home of 2 International Presidents: Barbara K Phillips, 20th Supreme Basileus; Janet Jones Ballard, 22nd Supreme Basileus
  • Home of Barbara K. Phillips - known as the originator of the Educational Advancement Foundation, Heritage Club and Leadership Fellows program; also initiated the Capital Investment Program to build a corporate office that was debt free
  • Home of future Ivy Acres/Senior Residence Inc. (retirement community; Winston-Salem, NC)

Regional Directors

Rose Butler Browne
Grace Matthews Pleasants
Leah K. Frazier
Lucille Piggott
Elizabeth S. Randolph
Pauline C. Morton
Barbara K. Phillips
Janet Jones Ballard
Evelyn Reid Syphax
Barbara W. Davis
Marye J. Jeffries
Maxine Black
Doris Asbury
Clara Hines
Caroline L. Lattimore
Ruby Bates Archie


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