2017 1908 Playgrounds Day Community Impact Day

May 20, 2017

Chapters all across the Great Lakes Region participated in the Community IMPACT Day for 1908 Playground Mobilization Day. The goal for each chapter in Alpha Kappa Alpha is to refresh, restore and renew 1908 playgrounds. Search for our hashtags online. #AKAImpactDay

Cincinnati, OH- Sigma Omega was at Evanston Community Center for the 1908 Playground Mobilization Day.

Cincinnati, Oh- Sigma Omega cleaned up the playground and held a block party. Madam Regional Director Toni S. Kendrick came to support.

Detroit, MI- Over 100 people joined Lambda Pi Omega members and in just a few short hours, planted flowers, raked leaves, did gardening work and painted park benches PINK AND GREEN in Butterfly Park in Detroit!

Syracuse, NY- Iota Nu Omega