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Great Lakes Region

Established: 1924 (initially as the North Central Region)
First Regional Director: L. Pearl Mitchell
First Regional Conference: 1931

Geography at Creation
Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia

Geography Today
Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania, Western New York

First Undergraduate Chapter Chartered
Zeta (Wilberforce College); 1916

First Graduate Chapter Chartered
Eta Graduate (Cleveland, OH; name later changed to Alpha Omega); 1913

1969 AKA Lincoln University

Undergraduate & Graduate Chapters at Creation
Undergraduate Chapters – 5
Graduate Chapters – 3

Undergraduate & Graduate Chapters Today
Undergraduate Chapters – 46
Graduate Chapters – 51

Region Highlights

  • Host to 11 Boules
  • Home of 6 International Presidents: L. Pearl Mitchell, 3rd Supreme Basileus; Margaret Davis Bowen, 9th Supreme Basileus; Beulah T. Whitby, 11th Supreme Basileus; Laura T. Lovelace, 13th Supreme Basileus; Bernice I. Sumlin, 19th Supreme Basileus; Eva L. Evans, 24th Supreme Basileus
  • Initiated the Tri-Community Founders Day Celebration, precursor to Cluster concept
  • Home of the Cleveland Job Corps Center

Regional Directors

L. Pearl Mitchell
Margaret Davis Bowen
Mattie D. Jackson
Beulah T. Whitby
Wilbretta P. Johnson
Irene A. Graves
Juanita D. Webster
Laura T. Lovelace
Ruth Thomas
Fannette B. Norris
Gwendolyn Goldston
LaRue Frederick
Bernice I. Sumlin
Thelma C. Hollis
Altha C. Brown
Eva L. Evans
Madelyn Hairston
Gloria S. Smith
Bella G. Clinkscale
Ann C. Battles
Emma Lillie Henderson
Phyllis E. Robinson
Patricia E. Petty
Rachel Ashburn Mallory
Pamela L. Redden
Schylbea J. Hopkins


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