International Committees

Standing Committees

Archives (Chairman: Mavis Johnson Collie)

Serves as the custodian of the Sorority’s print and non-print materials housed on the campus of Howard University and in the Corporate Office. Advises Alpha Kappa Alpha in the development and implementation of policy for archival records.

Building and Property (Chairman: Priscilla Tyree Williams)

Oversees sorority-owned buildings and properties.

Connection (Chairman: Sylvia Blackmon-Roberts)

Identify and study national and international issues which impact the quality of life; design strategies for communication with the membership regarding these issues and mobilize the membership for action to formulate and recommend position statements to the International President and/or Directorate (International Board of Directors).

Constitution (Chairman: Martha Perine-Beard)

Proposes needed changes in the Constitution and Bylaws, carefully examine all proposed amendments from approved sources and formulate them to be circulated.

Finance (Chairman: Danette Anthony Reed)

Develop and supervise the operation of the approved annual budget of the Sorority; promote support for any current fund-raising drive and be responsible for the auditing of all accounts not otherwise assigned. The committee shall increase the Endowments.

Graduate Advisors Certification (Chairman: Joya Hayes)

Responsible for training and certifying Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority members for the position of Graduate Advisor and issue certification to members who successfully complete the training.

Honorary Members/Awards (Chairman: Diedre Edwards)

Recommends specific criteria for selecting Honorary Members, screen nominations, present recommendations to the Directorate (International Board of Directors) for induction and deal with any other matters related to Honorary Members. Establish criteria for nominations and make recommendations to the Directorate (International Board of Directors) for the Sorority's National Achievement Awards.

Human Resources (Chairman: Cora Davis)

Responsible for recommending to the Directorate (International Board of Directors) the employment of all professional personnel. Formulate and make recommendations on all personnel policies, practices, procedures, and salary ranges. Responsible for keeping the Human Resources Manual current.

Investment (Chairman: Karla Hall)

Responsible for recommending to the Directorate (International Board of Directors) the investment strategies for the portfolios of all funds within the established investment policies. Shall be responsible for monitoring the performance of all professional investment managers and recommending changes therein. Shall support the Finance Committee in the overall portfolio growth and fundraising to achieve the Endowment goals.

Leadership Training (Chairman: Linda Groomes Walton)

Responsible for planning, developing, and instituting the Sorority's official Leadership Training Program.

Membership (Chairman: Vanessa Rogers Long)

Monitors membership status and trends and recommends strategies for recruitment, retention and reactivation of members. Develop, cultivate, consistently communicate and evaluate systems that maintain and support lifelong members.

Nominating (Chairman: Dana Branham)

Implements the sorority’s nomination and election procedures, including the verification of "Leadership Training" certification. The committee shall convene in January to certify the credentials of all candidates for office and preparing the official slate of nominees.

Program (Chairman: Jasmine Adkins Moore)

Formulates and recommends policies related to the Alpha Kappa Alpha program to the Directorate (International Board of Directors).

Protocol (Chairman: Sharon Bowman)

Responsible for facilitating the proper protocol for Alpha Kappa Alpha meetings and conferences.

Standards (Chairman: Gisele' Casanova)

Establish the criteria and implement the evaluations of chapters.

Technology (Chairman: Theresa House)

Address technology issues related to the operation of the Corporate Office and the operation of chapters and to provide strategic direction on the effective use of technology.

Undergraduate Activities (Chairman: Keniece Gray)

Stimulate interest in the undergraduate program strategy, study those problems pertinent to undergraduate chapters, and encourage high scholastic achievement and ethical standards.

Special Committees

Chapter Basileus Certification (Chairman: Caroline Lattimore)

Responsible for training and certifying Alpha Kappa Alpha members currently serving in the position of Chapter President and those interested in becoming a Chapter President.

Communications (Chairman: Leona Dotson)

Responsible for the execution of Alpha Kappa Alpha's International communications strategy. This includes media interface, the corporate website and social media platforms.

Diamond/Golden/Silver Anniversary (Chairman: Jacquelyn Heath Parker)

Plans a Boule luncheon for the Diamond (75+ year members) and Golden (50+ year members), along with a Boule activity for Silver Star (25+ year members).

Financial Officers Certification (Chairman: Gayle Miles Scott)

Responsible for training and certifying Alpha Kappa Alpha members for the position of Financial Secretary and Treasurer and issue certification to members who successfully complete the training.

Leadership Fellows (Chairman: Elicia Pegues Spearman)

Works with the International President to develop the vision, curriculum, and assist with fund development for the Leadership Fellows Program.

Reinstatement Task Force (Chairman: Charlene Truitt Nelson)

Conducts training and workshops for suspended members seeking reinstatement.

Risk Management Task Force (Chairman: Susan Simms Marsh)

The Risk Management Task Force 1) assesses the risks and potential threats to Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority's chapters and members; 2) develops strategies and risk management approaches for use by chapters and regions; 3) drafts an overall risk management plan for the sorority; and 4) interfaces with the sorority's legal team and insurance professional to ensure that risk is being managed properly. Risk factors include hazing, brand management and reputational harm, as well as other potential legal liabilities are the focus of the task force.

Rituals (Chairman: Brenda Lewis)

Facilitates the proper and appropriate rituals for use in various Alpha Kappa Alpha public and private settings.

Sisterly Relations (Chairman: Wilma Holmes-Tootle)

Plans and implements activities that will foster and support sisterly behavior at all levels of the organization.

Spiritual Oversight (Chariman: Pamela Bates Porch)

Assist the International President with setting the tone of meditation and reverence.

Strategic Partners (Chairman: Laura Wilkerson)

Identifies, develops and maintains financial relationships with supporters of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.

Strategic Planning (Chairman: Marsha Lewis Brown)

Updates the strategic plan, consistent with the vision for the future of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.

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